Alcohol And Dieting- Do They Go Together

Alcohol And Dieting- Do They Go Together

Alcohol and dieting should not be synonymous. In fact, alcohol and dieting do not go together at all unless you consider cutting the alcohol from your diet. Most alcoholic beverages will actually increase your weight, especially beer. You may find that when you cut the alcohol from your diet you lose weight without even trying. This of course depends on how much alcohol you usually consume. If you tend to drink wine or beer with dinner on a regular basis chances are you are increasing your weight rather than losing any. Therefore, alcohol and dieting are definitely not a combination you should have.

Does this mean you have to cut alcohol from your diet completely? No, while it is shown that alcohol and dieting are not a great mix this does not mean you have to give up alcohol completely. It is like asking do I have to give up milk completely on a green tea diet or never eat ice cream again. The idea behind alcohol and dieting is to limit the bad items in your diet. This means you limit your intake of alcohol from your diet, but having a drink now and then is fine. If you want to go out and drink on the weekend every once in a while then you are fine in doing so.

Alcohol and dieting just means that you are watching what you have. You are making sure to reduce the bad foods such as high carbohydrate foods, while increasing the more healthy foods such as protein, fruits, and vegetables. When you diet, you want to increase your health. Here are a few facts about alcohol and dieting. First alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. This means alcohol contains nearly twice the amount of carbohydrates than other drinks you may have or food you eat during a diet.

Another thing to consider when you think of alcohol and dieting is your calorie intake. It is common knowledge that when you watch your calorie intake and the foods you eat you will lose weight without trying. That is as long as you reduce the amount of calories you are eating from before. Most individuals have a target caloric intake that they need to hit. This means if you are eating 2000 calories a day and gaining weight you are eating too much.

In order to really improve when considering alcohol and dieting you must watch your calories. If you have the calories left to have a glass of wine or a beer then you should feel free to do so. On the other hand, you may even plan to have the calories left over for a drink at the end of the day. It just means you may have to sacrifice something else during your diet. You may not be able to have dessert with your meal or you may have to eat less for breakfast. The idea behind alcohol and dieting is to eliminate the source of weight gain wherever you can, which means you need to eliminate the alcohol.